Bookmarked #5

2018-12-12 12.08.52
The Sunfire Series

Recommendations, reminiscences, and other things on my mind.

Growing up, I loved reading historical fiction with strong female characters. This hasn’t changed. There was a particular series — The Sunfire Series — that I loved and I still have some of the books. I would have loved the American Girl store not for the dolls but for the books. If you are young and miss that world, here’s a list of book recommendations based on your favorite AG character.

Speaking of reading: One of the most inspiring, interesting, out-of-my-comfort-zone things I’ve done this year is become a Shady Lady as in the Shady Ladies Literary Society. The third Shady Ladies event I attended this year is the one mentioned in this interview (check out the amazing photos of the Belle Isle Boathouse!). The group, in its second year, hosts an emerging female writer with her debut novel in a unique Detroit location, partners the book reading/signing/Q&A with a custom cocktail crafted by a female bartender and a meal inspired by the book created by a female chef. The society’s motto: Empowered Women Empower Women (it looks great on a T-shirt and will be a must-have for me next year when the group resumes).

More reading: 2019 is almost here. For those of us looking to be more thoughtful in our reading choices, Modern Mrs. Darcy has a reading challenge packet of downloadables full of great ideas. This site is terrific if you’re looking to enhance your reading, need a fresh idea of what to read next, or are simply into books and bookish things.

OK. I guess this whole post is about reading. I wonder about this often (part of a great piece on Bruce Springsteen — and as a man and an artist, he really knows his way around words): “This is the central tension of Springsteen on Broadway: the self we feel doomed to be through blood and family versus the self we can—if we have the courage and desire—will into existence. Springsteen, as he reveals here, has spent his entire life wrestling with that question that haunts so many of us: Will I be confined by my DNA, or will define who I am?”

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I love words, reading (especially historical fiction, thrillers and magazines), eating great food, traveling, music and golden retrievers.

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